Yamaha YZ 250 2002 Flywheel Weight (825)

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YZ 250 Make your power as smooth and tractable. Reduce stalling and get predictable and reliable power.
YZ 250 Make your power as smooth and tractable as Randy Hawkins YZ when he won the 2004 National Enduro Championship. Reduce stalling like Jason Raines when he added a Steahly Flywheel for his 2003 and 2004 National Hare Scrambles Championships. Get predictable and reliable power like Barry Hawks GNCC Championship winning YZ 250. Easy installation, no special tools needed, but an E-3 engine lock up tool will make it easier. We recommend adding 11 ounces for most intermediate trail riders and less aggressive MX riders. 9 ounces for aggressive trail riders and intermediate MX riders. 13 ounces for casual trail riders or very technical terrain. Fits under the stock plastic ignition cover with out modification, however, if you have an after market metal cover such as Boyesen, you will need to get our Y-826 cover spacer.
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