FMF Turbine Core 2.1 Silencer Spark Arrestor

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USFS approved spark arrestor for two-strokes. Low maintenance, lightweight with a Turbine spark arrestor design for maximum power output. Larger volume Canister for longer repacking intervals.
FMF is about moving forward...faster. The latest generation of 2-stroke performance, the FMF Turbine Core 2.1 spark arrestor silencer, is proof FMF is totally committed to 2-stroke progression. Utilizing a new design inspired by the 4.1 system, the Turbine Core 2.1 utilizes FMF's exclusive "Turbine Dampening System" to keep noise levels low without sacrificing power. The larger canister extends the life of your silencer packing and delivering a crisp sound that FMF is known for. The straight-through design of the spark arrestor canister and the performance flow stainless steel end cap ensures strength, durability and most importantly, is track and trail proven. The latest generation 2-stroke performance silencer from FMF. Race-tested, smooth power curve throughout the RPM range. The 2.1 utilizes a new shape inspired by the 4.1 system. Utilizes exclusive FMF "Turbine Dampening System." Larger diameter canister for more tunability and longer lasting packing life. Unrestricted spark arrested power (non-removable spark arrestor). Delivers a crisp, notable sound. Lighter than stock. U.S. Forest legal status. Note: For closed course competition use ONLY. Not intended for street use.
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