Honda CRF 150R 07-19 Honda Lighting Stator with Flywheel (L-8203522M)

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70 watt output. This kit has a new stator assembly with lighting coils, ignition coils, and pickup coil, but also has a new high output 11 ounce heavier flywheel. The flywheel and the stator must be used together. The heavier flywheel will change the power of the motor making it smoother and more resistant to stalling, perfect for trail riding and less aggressive riders. For AC systems you will want to add a voltage regulator. AC power is fine for standard lights when you do not need a battery. For DC systems you will need to add a regulator-rectifier and a small battery. DC is what you need for most HID lights, LED headlights or most dual sport kits.
Provides 70 watts of power to run a standard lights, HID or LED lights, or most dual sport kits. Also comes with an 11 ounce heavier flywheel for smoother power and less stalling. A E-63 or similar flywheel puller is needed for installation.
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